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Keynote Lectures

  1. Practicing ethically in an unethical world: Cultivating professional ethical wisdom in social work
    Speaker: Professor Sarah Banks
  2. The boundary of social work relationship – ethical consideration
    Speaker: Professor Patrick O’LEARY
  3. Social Work Professional Ethics in Chinese Society: Practice Dilemma and Recommendations
    Speaker: Professor Tseng Hua-yuan
  4. The Nature of Social Work Revisited: “Relationship-based”, “Client-based”, “Evidence-based”, or “Value-based”?
    Speaker: Professor Tsui Ming-sum

Concurrent Plenary Sessions

Session 1 Research Ethics
  1. Balancing Methodological Rigor and the Needs of Research Participants: A Debate on Alternative Approaches to Research Ethics
    Presenter: Dr. CHAN Simon Tak-Mau
  2. Documenting through photovoice: Ethical dilemma of involving participants as research team
    Presenter: Dr Joey SIU Chung Yue
  3. Unmasking the unjust practice and social exclusion: A critical reflection on drug addiction research
    Presenter: Dr Yida Y.H. CHUNG
Session 2 Ethics in Practice
  1. 人在情境中:華人社會下學校社工實務的倫理困境
    Presenter: 胡中宜博士
  2. 社會工作的倫理教育:澳門的情境與困境
    Presenter: 梁啟賢博士
  3. Social work values in social services administration textbooks: A profession overshadow by a managerialist approach
    Presenters: Mr. PAK Chui Man & Prof. TSUI Ming Sum
Session 3 Ethics and Education
  1. Ethics education in social work: Favourable conditions, moments, means and challenges - Stories and insights from Macau
    Speaker: Mr. Francis LEE
  2. Assessing the attitude and behavior of social work students towards Social Justice
    Speakers: Dr. CHU Cheong Hay, Dr LAM Chiu Wan & Dr Leo YEUNG Yee Yu
Session 4 Ethics and Culture
  1. 華人社會中的專業關係—多重內涵與界線困境
    Speaker: 白倩如博士
Session 5 Ethics in Practice
  1. 推行長者精神健康服務兩難
    Speaker: Miss LAI Siu Ling
  2. Reflective writing & Co-reflection: Enhancing professional practice in mental health setting
    Speaker: Dr Leo YEUNG Yee Yu
Session 6 Ethics in Practice
  1. 「留住薄扶林村」值得嗎?
    Speaker: 黃柑瑤女士
  2. Law enforcer and social worker-An exploratory study of different approaches between social work practice and correctional services in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    Speaker: Dr. Wai Fung Eric LAW
  3. From Play to Work: An exploratory study on the casual leisure experience and career adaptability in life and career planning of non-engaged young people in Hong Kong
    Speaker: Dr. Kent LAM
Session 8 Ethics and social changes
  1. 家庭照顧者情與理的抉擇
    Speaker: 袁汶茵女士 及梁贊權博士
  2. Ethical decision-making in community care services for the elderly
    Speaker: Dr KAN Wing Shan
  3. 社區發展『傳承』什麼文化的矛盾- 龍躍頭的一個嘗試
    Speaker: 陳國明先生
  4. Tumbler In Tidal Wave: The Professional Stance Of Social Workers Under Managerialism
    Speaker: Dr. LAI Hung Sing