Registration Procedure

Interested academic staff, students and practicing professionals are welcomed to join 15th Anniversary International Conference. The procedure is as followed:

  1. Submit registration via online registration form
  2. Receive the auto-generated email with unique Registration ID in respective email account
  3. Pay the registration fee (either in i) local bank cheque, ii) overseas bank draft, or iii) credit card)
  4. a) Physically mail the local bank cheque, or overseas bank draft (whichever appropriate) with the payment indication form to Conference Secretariat (Address: ECHS Conference Secretariat, c/o General Office, Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, 2 Chui Ling Lane, Tiu Keng Leng, New Territories, Hong Kong) OR
    b) Email the filled and signed payment indication form to (applicable to credit card authorisation for payment ONLY)
  5. Extended Registration Deadline: 25 May 2019 (Saturday)



大會歡迎有興趣的教學人員、學生和業界的專業人士參與第 15 週年國際學術會議。報名程序如下:

  1. 於網上註冊頁面遞交參加表
  2. 於鍵入的電郵戶口中收到註冊 ID編號
  3. 3. 繳交參加費用(可以 i) 香港銀行支票、ii) 海外銀行本票或 iii) 信用咭支付)
  4. a) 一併將香港銀行支票或海外銀行支票,連同付款指示表格,郵寄至會議秘書處(地址:香港新界將軍澳翠嶺里2號明愛專上學院湯羅鳳賢社會科學院15周年國際學術會議秘書處)
    b) 將已填妥及簽署的付款指示表格 電郵至 (只適用於信用咭授權繳付參加費用)
  5. 延長會議報名截止日期:2019年5月25日(星期六)


Payment Methods
  1. Local bank cheque (HK$ only) (Payable to ‘Caritas Institute of Higher Education’)
  2. Oversea Bank Draft (Payable to ‘Caritas Institute of Higher Education’)
  3. VISA or MASTER credit card (only charged with HK$)



大會歡迎有興趣的教學人員、學生和業界的專業人士參與第 15 週年國際學術會議。報名程序如下:

  1. 香港銀行支票(只限港幣)(支票抬頭須寫「明愛專上學院」)
  2. 海外銀行本票(本票抬頭須寫「明愛專上學院」)
  3. VISA 或 MASTER 信用咭(只能以港幣支付)


Registration Fee

Registration fee includes i) registration cost, ii) conference attendance and iii) 1 workshop/visit

Hong Kong standard (Apply to academic staff, practicing professionals, and others):

Hong Kong discount rates (Apply to current student only#)

Overseas and Mainland participants

# Supporting document, such as copy of valid student ID, is required



參加費用包含 i) 註冊行政開支、ii) 出席會議及iii) 1次工作坊或機構探訪。






Mail Address

Both 1) i) local bank cheque OR ii) overseas bank draft, 2) payment indication form are required to send to :

ECHS Conference Secretariat
c/o General Office
Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
2 Chui Ling Lane, Tiu Keng Leng
New Territories
Hong Kong







  1. A complete registration refers to submitting online registration AND paying the applicable fees.
  2. Confirmation of registration will be sent to the email address upon receipt of your payment.
  3. Each accepted presenting abstract must be accompanied with completed registration; otherwise the Conference secretariat will pull out the accepted presentation.
  4. All credit card payments will only be charged with Hong Kong dollars only.
  5. No refunds will be made in all cases.
  6. Caritas Institute of Higher Education is only helping handle the participants’ registrations for the Conference. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen credit card information.
  7. If you have any questions regarding registration or payment, you may contact the Conference Secretariat at



  1. 參加者需填妥網上參加表格繳付所需參加費用。
  2. 當秘書處收妥您的付款,秘書處會將參加確認書發送至您的電子郵箱。
  3. 每一位匯報的人士須完成既定的報名程序,否則會議秘書處會取消相關撮要匯報。
  4. 所有信用咭支付指示均會以港幣結算。
  5. 在任何情況下均不予退款。
  6. 明愛專上學院只負責處理參加者報名程序。如信用咭資料有所遺失或被盜竊,本學院恕不負責。
  7. 如遇上任何對註冊或付款程序上有任何查詢,歡迎電郵至會議秘書處(電郵地址