Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Interested academic staff, students and practicing professionals are encouraged to submit an abstract related to conference theme “Ethical consideration of human services”. Selected authors will be able to present in the panel session on 13 June 2019 (Thursday).

大會鼓勵有興趣的教學人員、學生和業界的專業人士提交與是次學術會議主題「人本服務的道德考量:誰來關顧?」相關的摘要。作者將有機會在 2019 年 6 月 13 日(星期四)的小組議程(panel session)中報告。


Conference Sub-themes 會議副題:

  1. Research ethics 研究道德與倫理
  2. Ethics in practice 實務中的道德與倫理
  3. Ethics and education 道德倫理與教育
  4. Ethics and culture 道德倫理與文化
  5. Ethics and social change 道德倫理與社會變革


Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  1. The abstract must be related to the sub-themes which cover research, education, and practice, that the author(s) must indicate in the submission process.
  2. The abstract is only available to be submitted via online on this website (online abstract submission)
  3. Deadline of submission of abstract: 5 May 2019 (Sunday)
  4. The abstract body should contain the following:
    1. Title (less than 25 words)
    2. Abstract body (less than 500 words)
  5. No tables, diagrams or pictures will be included in the abstract.
  6. Authors can submit at most two abstracts as first author.
  7. Presenting authors must be registered participants with payments.
  8. Abstracts can either be submitted in Chinese or English, and presentation could be in Cantonese, Putonghua/ Mandarin, or English.


  1. 摘要需要與上述涵蓋研究、教育及實務的會議副題有關,而作者(們)必須在提交過程中標明其會議副題。
  2. 摘要只能經由在此網站提交(online abstract submission
  3. 遞交摘要截止日期:2019 年 5 月5 日(星期日)
  4. 摘要應包含下列:
    1. 標題(25字以內)
    2. 摘要內容 (500字以內)
  5. 摘要中不能納入表格、圖表或圖片。
  6. 同一位首作者只可遞交最多兩份摘要。
  7. 負責演說報告的作者必須是已完成付款的參加者。
  8. 摘要可以以中文或英文遞交,而匯報時可以選取使用廣東話、普通話/ 國語或英文。