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To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, our Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences is going to organize an International Conference themed as "Ethical Consideration of Human Services: Who Should Care?". Since our establishment, our School has been emphasizing that students must be equipped with a moral responsibility and should be passionate in building up a just society. "Social Justice, Empowerment, Person-centred" are always our core values and we pledge to demonstrate them through all the educational programmes and services we delivered. This conference would provide a wonderful platform for us to learn from scholars from different places as well as for sharing of ideal and exchange of ideas. It will also set the stage for building up links and ties with various educational institutions and service organizations in the years to come.

There are a lot of changes and happening during the past 15 years. Our School has grown from a small unit with four full-time teachers to become the second largest school within the Institute, having almost 40 full-time and half-time members. Our student population is going to reach 1000 in the near future. Our office has been stationed on four campuses, including the Oxford Road Campus, the Caine Road Campus, the CBCC campus and settled now on CIHE new campus. All these changes reflect the commitment of the colleagues in educating our young people for academic advancement and also the mission in promoting the well-being of society. We believe that young people is an important asset of our society and every effort will be sought to support and nurture them for realizing their potential for personal and social development.

It is beyond doubt that all the achievement made are the result of the collaborative efforts of team members of our School and the Institute, as well as the students, graduates, parents, and community partners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties who have supported us throughout the years and we look forward towards our continuous collaboration.

Let us wish the conference a very successful one.

Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences
Caritas Institute of Higher Education

為慶祝成立15周年,湯羅鳳賢社會科學院將舉辦一個國際會議,主題為 "人本服務的道德考量: 誰來關顧?"本院自成立以來,一直強調學生必須具備道德承擔,建設一個公正的社會。本學院更會透過我們提供的所有方案和服務,來體現「社會正義、充權、以人為本」本院的核心價值觀。這次會議正為我們提供一個非常好的平台,與來自不同地方的學者彼此學習、進行知識交流,並為建立與各教育機構和組織聯繫,奠定基礎。

在這十五年間,本院不斷發展。本院從一個只有4名全職教學成員的單位,演變成為本學院內的第二大單位,有接近4 0位全職和半職教師。而本院的學生人口,在不久的將來,將達到1,000人。本院的辦公地點,也經歷四個不同階段,包括牛津道、堅道、白英奇校舍,最後於專上學院校舍。這些變化都見證了同事們對教育年輕人提高學術地位的承諾,也印證了他們在促進社會福祉方面的使命。本學院認為青年是我們社會的重要資產,並將盡一切努力支援和培養他們,使他們能實踐個人潛能和推動社會發展。